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Products and services – worldwide competence benefits customers

It all started 119 years ago with a revolutionary idea: Johann Abt, a blacksmith, developed a device that allowed horse-drawn carriages to be used in Bavarian winters as well. That made for savings and the growth of the young company. In short order, Abt also dealt with automobiles. The company’s connection with the four brands that today are epitomised by Audi’s famous four rings started as early as shortly after the First World War.

The Kempten-based company provides innovative solutions for quite a number of models produced by the Volkswagen Group. All the cars and all the components are always state-of-the-art and, needless to say, imbued with the successful and traditional family-owned company’s spirit. And it goes without saying that they are always based upon more than five decades of experience gained in premium motorsports. Over the past decade, these comprised five DTM (German Touring Masters) championships, among others. AS well ABT is the only german team participating in the FIA Formula E world series.

If you want a bit “more” and have a car that is excellent to begin with tuned even further, you should always consult the market leader: ABT Sportsline stands for innovative engineering, an extravagant design and extra dynamism and sportiness. Be it the ABT POWER New Generation, ABT POWER or ABT POWER S, every tuned engine is thoroughly tested. “Our upratings must never impact an engine’s service life and periphery. They always have to be perfectly geared to the engine in question”, says Hans-Jürgen Abt. The ABT Sportsline CEO points to the state-of-the-art dynamometer used for every product. And all engines are thoroughly tested both on the road and on the proving ground. Sport-type braking systems and chassis components are also carefully tested by ABT. A rather balanced drivability, geared to the car’s characteristics, is as important as are its roadworthiness and safety. That is why ABT Sportsline also runs pedestrian impact protection tests when developing front attachment parts.

ABT alloy wheels are always a decorative highlight, and the exhaust systems from Kempten will accentuate any Audi, VW, Seat or Skoda’s look and sound. Customers can always be sure that these components are of the best possible workmanship. They will enjoy these parts for their car’s entire service life. ABT Sportsline’s name is its bond. And the market leader provides all these products and services not only on a nationwide but also a worldwide basis. In Germany, customers can go to about 130 partners that have the same competence when it comes to quality, support and service. And in global terms, ABT Sportsline can be found in the Middle East, Britain, the USA, Switzerland, Russia, Scandinavia, Italy, Turkey and other countries. Customers will always be able to get tested ABT quality. Of course the ABT team is also catering to the Chinese and Russian growth markets.

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